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In recent years in a more prosperous economy, many individuals and corporations took advantage of opportunities to invest in real estate, both residential and commercial. Unfortunately, as the market took a downward turn, investors were stuck with high maintenance, management and homeowner’s association fees, as property values plummeted.

If you’re an investor and own real estate, and face the possibility of losing your home, you need the help of an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law. SunCoast Law can represent you and get you the relief from foreclosure you need. Regardless of where your property is located, you must file bankruptcy in the district for which you reside. Even if the property is in a different state, the bankruptcy trustee in your local area will oversee all legal proceedings. Rules surrounding bankruptcy and investment property can be complicated especially if multiple parties own the property together. An experienced attorney can clarify the issues involved and explain all of the options to prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure as an Option - The negative consequences

While foreclosure sometimes looks like the best option to get out from under heavy mortgage debt, there can be negative consequences associated with it. When a property enters foreclosure the title will remain in the name of the owner until such time as the bank takes complete financial responsibility.

Since the foreclosure hearing is necessary to complete the final process, the owner or owners are still responsible for any fines or violations incurred in the mean time. This also includes any association dues, maintenance costs or management fees. If you pursue bankruptcy as a remedy for foreclosure you may be able to eliminate those liabilities.

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