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Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy Timeline

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right relief option for you if you are able to repay a portion of your debt. This type of bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debt and combine monthly bills into one single payment. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires you to satisfy many of your debts to creditors within a three to five-year period. SunCoast Law is experienced in providing debt relief options to clients, including Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will carefully explain every step of the bankruptcy process and guide you to a successful outcome. Please contact our office for a free consultation at (844) 330-2727 to discuss your financial situation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Florida – What will happen?

For consumers who have never filed bankruptcy, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy timeline begins approximately six months before the case is filed. Initial Consultation with your Attorney: Once you decide to pursue bankruptcy as an option to manage overwhelming debt, you will meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss the details of your particular situation. At the initial consultation SunCoast Law will discuss with you whether or not a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option. SunCoast Law will collect financial information from you prior to filing your case so the bankruptcy attorney can assist you with preparing a monthly repayment plan to your creditors.

Chapter 13 Timeline

180 days prior to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy: You are required to attend an approved credit counseling program sanctioned by the courts. When you file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case: After you have completed the required credit counseling course, provided the necessary financial information required to prepare your petition and sign your petition, you’re petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be filed. At this time your case will officially begin and an automatic stay will be entered, which stops the following activity:

The bankruptcy court will notify each of your creditors immediately once you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 30 days after filing a petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy: You are required to make your first payment to the trustee under the Chapter 13 plan. You will also be required to take a second credit counseling course at this point in time called the Debtor Education Course. Approximately four to six weeks after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy: You must meet with the Chapter 13 Trustee at what is known as a, “341 Meeting of Creditors”.

Although it is called the Meeting of Creditors, Creditors typically do not attend this meeting and this meeting is used to verify your identity and review your petition. Creditors have 120 days to file a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court, this lets the Court know that you owe that Creditor money. Approximately six to eight months after filing: Your case will go to a Confirmation Hearing, where your plan is solidified so that changes are more difficult to make. You are not required to attend this meeting, your attorney will attend this on your behalf. Within three to five years of filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy: You will conclude your payment regimen and obtain a final discharge from the bankruptcy court.

Changes During the Three to Five-year Repayment Period

If your financial circumstances change within the three to five–year period you are repaying creditors,your attorney will assist you to re-review your bankruptcy and assess if there are any additional options for you.

What if I have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy before?

Even if you have previously filed for bankruptcy, you may qualify to file a new bankruptcy. SunCoast Law will be able to assist you with determining if you qualify to file a new bankruptcy.
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Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy Timeline


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