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Selecting A Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy, you’re not alone. Each year nearly one million Americans seek bankruptcy as a legal remedy for debt relief. With so many law firms claiming to be bankruptcy focused though, it’s difficult to know which lawyers to choose from and what to look for in legal services.

1. Experience is Key

Don’t be fooled into thinking that bankruptcy is a simple process. There are many factors that can affect the success of the outcome. Depending on your particular circumstances, there may be complexities in the case that require an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Just like other areas of legal practice, bankruptcy involves two opposing sides, each with their own interests. For obvious reasons creditors will fight the discharge of debt at every turn. You’ll need an attorney who knows bankruptcy law and can get your case filed and completed in the least amount of time, with the fewest negative consequences to you.

2. Commitment to Debt Relief

Bankruptcy law is a popular area of practice for legal firms right now. Some, that don’t normally handle bankruptcy law have advertised debt relief services and hired outside attorneys to take their cases. While these attorneys can certainly help clients through the bankruptcy process, you may want to consider whether you should hire a firm that doesn’t actually focus in this area of the law.

3. Comfort is Critical

You and your attorney will be spending a lot of time together so it’s important to find one you’ll be comfortable with. Building a good relationship with your attorney and developing trust is important for the success of your case. Knowing that you’re in good hands with an experienced bankruptcy professional will help take the edge off any worries you might have about the legal process. Working with a lawyer who practices exclusively in the area of bankruptcy is important as well. If you’re in the process of choosing an attorney, consider the experience and commitment SunCoast Law bring to the table.

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