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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

If you’re overwhelmed with mounting debt, we know the endless cycle of worry and frustration you face every day trying to stay financially afloat. SunCoast Law wants to help you find the best solution for your unique situation and get you back on the road to financial wellness once again. We want to help stop creditor harassment and collection activity immediately so you can start living the life of financial freedom you deserve. We’ll work with you to find the solution that’s right for you and your situation. Whether we explore bankruptcy or other available options, we’ll work to free you from the burden of heavy debt. Take the first step and contact our attorneys for a free consultation today. Our law firm is one of the largest in the country for providing debt relief and will work with you pursuing one of the following solutions including:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are under the “median income”, you may automatically qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The median income is set on living standards in the area of the country where you live and takes into consideration the amount of people in your household. If you income exceed the median income, you may still qualify under the “means test” which takes into consideration your income and expenses together. These expenses may include contributions to your retirement plan or auto loan payments. Our legal professionals will help you understand the entire bankruptcy process, and the timeline involved with each type. We will further explore the difference between a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 filing, and help you chose the option that is best for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy​

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will work to pay off a percentage of your debt within a specific timeframe, (usually three to five years). Borrowers who want to retain specific assets they would otherwise lose by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often chose a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Throughout our meeting we will present you with options outside of bankruptcy such as, loan modifications, and the possibility of reaffirming existing secured debts as well.

Individual Or Joint Bankruptcy Options

When you meet with one of our legal professionals we will explore the options available to both you and your spouse, (if married) and the benefits and drawbacks to filing joint bankruptcy. Sometimes in cases where both spouses have accrued significant debt, it is advisable to handle both party’s debt through joint bankruptcy at the same time.

Home Foreclosures in Florida

Based on the automatic stay provisions of U.S. Bankruptcy Code, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will halt the foreclosure process by a lender for either your primary residence or investment property you own. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is likely the best course of action to take if your mortgage payments are critically far behind. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can work to bring your mortgage payments current over a period of five years. Other actions such as short sales may be viable options to foreclosure as well. Filing bankruptcy can even help to strip a second mortgage, so that you can more easily afford your current first mortgage payments.

IRS/Tax Debts

Owing the Internal Revenue Service for back taxes adds a significant financial burden to most people. By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your tax debt can be reduced or eliminated altogether if you meet a certain criteria. Generally this will have a greater impact on tax debt over filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Any debt relief option can affect your federal tax liability however, and our attorneys will outline the consequences of all possible actions taken.

Repossessions in Florida

There are several options available to stop the repossession of an auto, boat, or motorcycle in Florida. Filing bankruptcy will halt repossession immediately. In order to retain the vehicle, you must be willing to agree to a reaffirmation of the debt and bring late payments current with the creditor, however. It is also sometimes possible within bankruptcy to renegotiate monthly loan payments and refinance a vehicle based on the current value of the asset.

Home Liens

If creditors or the IRS have placed a lien on your home due to a legal judgment, SunCoast Law may be able to help remove it. In many cases, tax liens are more difficult to have removed than other liens, however, SunCoast Law will advise you of your options and which one is best for you.

Wage Garnishments and Lawsuits

Our attorneys will help to prevent creditors from filing judgments against you for repayment of money you owe, or from garnishing your wages.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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If you need to find a solution, contact a member of our team. SunCoast Law can help! We offer free initial consultations to all of our clients and would be happy to meet with you one-on-one.

What People Say?

Credit Card Debt

Under new bankruptcy guidelines, many people believe they can no longer eliminate credit card debt by filing bankruptcy. Creditors and bankcard companies have perpetuated this myth to discourage consumers from seeking debt relief through bankruptcy. If you have significant debt through high credit card balances, you’re still likely eligible to have this debt discharged through bankruptcy.

Consumer Credit Counseling

According to new bankruptcy laws, you must attend a course in credit counseling both before the courts will allow debt relief through bankruptcy, and after your bankruptcy is complete. SunCoast Law will walk with you throughout the entire process and offer sound legal advice along the way.

Discharge of Debts Through Bankruptcy

Transparency with all records and debts is key to successfully pursuing bankruptcy as a resolution. It is also important to disclose every debt when you make your petition. If you falsify any information or records in connection with your bankruptcy filing, or conceal or destroy property, a judge can automatically deny your petition.

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